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© 2019 Artexplora | Via Comunale Santa Lucia 1894 - 47522 cesena (FC) | 348-3176040 o 338-8688454 | artexplora@artexplora.it

Clac Group - Artexplora


In 2009 the Clac group founded the cultural association Artexplora which opened its centre in the marvellous architectural site of S. Lucia di Cesena, well known for its beautiful scenery: a thematic park aiming at bringing children, teens, teachers, families and professionals closer to the artistic heritage of our country. 


The group was founded in 1975 by Claudio Cavalli and Lucietta Godi; its work is geared towards kindergarten and compulsory education through the realization of research experiments, theatre creations, active exhibitions and cultural activities.

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Claudio Cavalli

Claudio Cavalli is the author and actor of 12 theatre shows, even for La Scala opera house in Milan; he was among the authors of the first 500 episodes of the RAI TV programme “L’Albero Azzurro”; he writes stories and tales.


Lara Cavalli

Lara Cavalli, holds a bachelor of science in education, she coordinates pedagogical activities on the artistic heritage, organizes ludic paths and coordinates the project “100 capolavori, 100 giochi” (100 masterpieces, 100 games).


Lucietta Godi

Lucietta Godi is specialized in poetry, activities and games using images, she is production manager for theatre shows and TV programs. Together with Claudio Cavalli she develops educational programs for museums, picture galleries, exhibitions and art events.


Leila Cavalli

Leila Cavalli is curator and director of documentaries and TV programs for kids; expert in didactics of television languages.


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