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History and restoration of S.Lucia

It is always intriguing to find out the history of a place whose toponym dates back centuries ago: it is like tracing people from the past, old watercourses, cross roads, streets, buildings. It is a detective research trying to seize the ‘genius loci’ and the charm that attracted so many families: an attempt to understand the shapes of land and stones, to detangle nature, to read the rust of irons and catch, in the imperceptible smells of air weariness, the dreams, works, fears, prayers, loves and passions which were part of every man’s, woman’s, and children’s life.

Those who stop at St. Lucia feel emotions which are repeated at every dawn, wind swirl, clouds run, night fall, thanks to the breathtaking view of the valley down to the sea, to the harmonious outline of the hills, to the neoclassical beauty of a church.

What comes next is a synthesis of a wider work now in progress. The geographic boundaries of the Church of S. Lucia in Lastagnano are part of the small territory of Cesena, south of Roversano: Collina and Via dell’Arcivescovo areas up to Savio river, Rio Mattero, a stream bordering on Monteaguzzo, from Montelorenzone, Patrignano, Cà Mongiusto and Rio di S. Lucia – turning into Rio Baccarella in its northern part – up to the Montereale territory.



The idea behind the restoration work

by Lucia Godi e Claudio Cavalli


Like all the great restoration works, the complex of S. Lucia di Cesena has been restored thanks to a collective work which involved architects, engineers, a construction company, artisans, the owners of the building, institutions like the Municipality of Cesena and the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage of the city of Ravenna. The work of these people, as well as the profitable and positive though sometimes heated dialogue between them, were decisive for the outcome of the project. It is thanks to them if we can now admire, once again, the Church of S. Lucia, its architectonic beauty, its original internal features, its rare neoclassic balance, its enchanting setting, with breathtaking views of the hills, the Adriatic sea out on the horizon and the Padana plain, stretching as far as the eye can see.


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