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Clac Group - Artexplora

In 2009 the Clac group founded the cultural association Artexplora, which opened its centre in the marvellous architectural site of S. Lucia di Cesena, well known for its beautiful scenery: a thematic park aiming at bringing children, teens, teachers, families and professionals closer to the artistic heritage of our country.

The group was founded in 1975 by Claudio Cavalli and Lucietta Godi; its work is geared towards kindergarten and compulsory education through the production of research experiments, theatre creations, active exhibitions and cultural activities.

From 1983 to 1994, Claudio Cavalli was the author and actor/narrator of 9 theatre shows for thousands of repeat performances staged mostly in Central and Northern Italy, including Incanto di un Vecchio Pianoforte for La Scala Opera House.


Lucietta Godi directed the theatre review of Ragazzi di Arcore (MI) for 23 editions. Between 1983 and 1988, Claudio and Lucietta directed a theatre school for children and kids.

From 1990 to 1994 Claudio Cavalli was among the authors of Albero Azzurro, a children TV show broadcasted by Rai 1 and 2, for 500 episodes and three home video series; Cavalli also appeared on video to tell stories and the Clac group wrote and developed the set of over 100 short films, broadcasted as part of the same TV program.

In 1995 Claudio and Lucietta invented Breragioca, an animated ludic and educational paths on Brera’s masterpieces; as from 1996 the project became a permanent feature of the Brera Art Gallery in Milan, involving every year hundreds of students' classes in the Lombardy region.


In 1998 the group gave birth to ArteinGioco, an international event which took place in Arcore (MI) throughout seven editions. The project involved laboratories, interactive exhibitions, seminars, performances and shows on arts and the artistic heritage for kids, schools and professionals.

In 1993 the Clac group launched an educational project, headed by Leila Cavalli. The project, called Fare tv a scuola (“making TV at school”) sets up video development laboratories for kindergardens, as well as primary and secondary schools and introduces children and teens to the video production activity; in 1997 the group


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